Herb Marker Set


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Our herb sets may contain all forks or spoons or a mixture of both – subject to availability. Some are stamped on the face and some are stamped upside down on the handle. They come ready to put into your garden patch/pots.

The standard herb set includes five pieces – parsley, mint, chives, rosemary & basil.

Of course you can add to or customise your own.

Please specify in comments if you would like something different from our standard set.

Our quirky spoons & forks are quality recycled silver cutlery. No two pieces will ever be the same. As with all silver, they will eventually tarnish & will need a quick polish to bring them back up to new.

No two sets will ever be the same. Some have a well-loved appearance, some are hardly used, some are patterned & some are plain. This just adds to their uniqueness.

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